The Internet Divided Over This Dog – Some Say Mean, Some Say Funny

We have seen the dog video’s in the past, designed usually by people with the intent of making a funny or humorous video of their dog to post into social media, but is this really funny?

The J C Co Art Kitchen in Taiwan has become quite the sensation in part because of their unusual desserts, in the shape of a dog!

Some people have delighted at the thought of a sweet fancy treat and some just completely avoid them, this video online has got such mixed reviews too!

The video shared online here, you can watch it below, shows the dog’s reaction to a treat they cut in front of the dog…

The poor dog is terrified by it, he jumps and runs away to not only a safe distance but by the look of it a safe place too, in his crate where he feels the safest.

This video has certainly got a lot of reaction to it, but that reaction is split, some of the opinion that it’s funny, where others are not impressed at all, we agree with the dog!

The video was shared on August 31st, when it first popped up online, since then it has got a massive 4,000 and plus shares, growing every day with over 4000 reactions also growing daily!

One Facebook user said:

“Why would you do this to your dog? It is not funny …It’s not good idea.”

Someone else says:

“A dog thinks it’s a real puppy”

Other commenters elaborate and say:

“That dog is stupid or what? Because dogs have a great sense of smell, they can distinguish the smell of a cake from a real dog. I know my dog will eat that cake in a flash”

“ …You can tell the cameraman or another person showed the dog something to make him run away. Looks like the dog wanted to eat it”

But we can’t help thinking about the dog in all this, surely is it not the result and not the intention we should consider here, the dog certainly did seem very scared and we dog lovers understand that is not nice at all!

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