Instagram User Locks Dog In Turning Washing Machine To Get More Followers!?

Some of us dog lovers like Instagram, we either look at dogs or post our own adorable dogs, or in some cases both, but, we never do what this Instagram user did, surely it’s obvious why people have reacted to it?

The Instagram user filmed herself putting her dog into a washing machine, it seems in an attempt to get more followers.

To us, it really does seem counterintuitive, who in their right mind could do something like this, because we can’t understand it, at all!

From Argentina, Tamaro Rotman posted the video of herself putting her dog into the washing machine, you can see the poor doggies face pushed up against the door glass…

The little doggie, the innocent party in this, is a West Highland White Terrier and seems really quite stressed but the whole thing and desperately wants to get out of the awful moving prison.

The caption said: ‘are you going to be really traumatized?’

He is desperately trying to find a way out of the machine the more he frantically tried the more the drum spins, banging and smacking his legs against the fins of the drum, he can hardly stand.

Tamaro even added a survey to the video, she raised the question:

“…are you going to be really traumatized?”

People commented and condemned what she had done in the video, saying it was ‘stupid’ many said she should be punished for animal mistreatment.

Tamaro deleted her Instagram account following the many comments she received, but then reopened it with a picture of her two dogs, see below:

She commented that she treats her dog as if he were her ‘own son’, and also said that the machine was never turned on, no at all, like in some way it makes it better?

In a full statement, she said:

“We live in a society where nothing is measured, not what we say, or what we do, or how we act. If we continue like this we’re going to end up destroying everything.”

“I thought that deactivating Instagram or blocking people would help, but given that I haven’t stopped receiving aggressive threats wishing death and rape on me, the best thing to do is to talk and clarify some things.”

I have a dog named Cuco, I love him with all my heart and those who know me know that well. Man spiked boss’s drink with semen because he disagreed with her management style ‘I give him my entire life and more.”

“Yesterday I uploaded a story of him inside the washing machine which MANY people misinterpreted; it’s fine, you don’t know me, it happens.”

“I understand that maybe some of you found it shocking, but that was not my intention. Neither me nor Cuco felt the harm that everyone keeps mentioning.”

“The dog was not in there for longer than 10 seconds, keeping in mind that the washing machine was TURNED OFF.”

She also says that the video was cut and that there was more to the video, that made the whole incident not so bad and in a better context, but that doesn’t change what we see in this video…

Watch for yourself, and if you think it’s as awful as we do, then SHARE and shame:

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