Instagram Photo Competition Has A Clear Category That Dominates, PUPPIES!

Who doesn’t love to look at pictures of things they love on Instagram, we certainly do, but to master Instagram you need quality pictures, to be hot and popular of course, like these dogs here!

There are three categories that call out to the majority, they are travel, food, and probably the most important of all dogs!

If your a doggie person, like, as you have guessed, we certainly are too, then you are definitely partial to some great dog pictures.

The Photobox Instagram Photography awards have proved just exactly how much we love our lovely dog pics as people make their submissions for the award…

There has been a huge, and yes we mean a huge number of pics that were of their best four-pawed friend, so it just goes to make the point!

The prize for this amazing and wonderful competition is a steaming $6500 (£5,000) for the overall winner and £650 (£500) if you win in your category, nothing to be snarled at, not at all.

The awards are a new thing and just in its infancy, but is a celebration of the best of the best photos posted to Instagram.

In a little less than three weeks, there were 180,000 entries, so it has become one of the largest of its kind on Instagram, in the blink of an eye!

We will share just a small sample of our absolute favorite entries here for you to enjoy and get a feel for the amazing photos that are being submitted…

To be fair there were style and food, as well as landscape images that were pretty darn popular too in the competition, but that’s for another story, we love our dogs!

Dogs pipped cats to the post though, we think that is what we would imagine would be the case, #dogsofinstagram has 113,000,000 posts and #catsofinstagram has 88,000,000.

So as we can see, very clearly here, dogs photos have been shown, at least in this case and in this competition, to be our fondest of all, as a whole.

Rory Scott of Photobox, chair of PIPAS 2018 judges said:

“While we have a category for animal photos, along with nine others as diverse as fashion, the natural world and travel, we could have run an award for the best dog photos on their own such as the quality of some of the shots we’ve seen.”

The awards entries are now closed of course, and we wait until the September 7th to hear about the shortlisted entries, then the overall winners will be announced at the awards ceremony in London on 3 October.

Some more pictures for you to enjoy:

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