If Ronaldo was a Dog – This would happen – Awesome performance!

If Ronaldo was a Dog – This would happen – Awesome performance!

How to Train a Dog to Play Soccer

1 – Understand shaping. Shaping is a method of training that gradually builds a behavior until it is the required one. For example, if you were training a chicken to turn in a circle using shaping, you would first give the chicken seed for moving to the left, then for turning slightly to the left, then for turning halfway to the left, than turning completely in a circle. Shaping is what you will be using to train your dog to play soccer.

2 – Purchase a clicker. A clicker is a box-shaped plastic training instrument that has a metal part that, when pushed, makes a signature “click” noise. A clicker is used to mark the moment when the dog performs the desired behavior; for example, when the dog sits while being trained to sit – the dog will know the sitting is the behavior for which he is given a treat or other reward. Clicking a behavior is more exact than telling a dog “Good dog!” as a clicker has a distinctive sound and is easy to use at the exact moment the behavior occurs.

3 – Introduce your dog to the soccer ball. The first step to training a dog to play soccer is to reward the dog for looking at the ball.

4 – Up the ante by making the criteria harder. To earn a click, your dog must now touch the ball with his paw.

5 – Increase your criteria again to the dog moving the ball. In this training session, don’t click and reward the dog simply touching the ball, but immediately click and reward if your dog pushes it, even if it only moves slightly.


DoggiesCare – If Ronaldo was a Dog – This would happen – Awesome performance!


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