Husky And Baby Have A Very Important Conversation

What do you get when you put a very talkative baby in the same room as a very talkative Husky? You get the best conversation ever, even if no one knows what’s actually being said!

The best part of all is that the two (husky and the baby) seem deeply involved in a conversation. What do you think they’re chatting about?

When my pug Smokey starting woofing, I always wonder if he’s trying to talk to me. Do different barks mean different things? Does he get annoyed with me when I don’t seem to understand? Is he asking for more food (probably) or telling me that I’m the best moomie in the world? (What do you think he was trying to tell this foam roller?)

Enough about Smokey. This husky sure has an opinion about something, I just wish I knew what.

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