Desensitization at its worse – Hunting For Sport, Trophy Hunter Shoots Rare Giraffe!

Sport is a great thing, there are many sports we love and our dogs love too, but there are a few select people who talk about sport in a cruel and awful way, they think in some way that sport can be things like hunting animals, then shooting them. This is one story we have to raise awareness about…

If you haven’t ever heard of Tess Thompson Talley then after today you may never forget the name again, this is the woman posed with a giraffe, yes the one she just shot and killed in the name of sport…

Just to completely put a tin hat on the whole situation, quite literally, the giraffe was said to be a rare black giraffe too, how inhuman can a person be?

Protect all Wildlife Tweeted about the incident and the news and media picked up on it from there, we will certainly never forget that name…

They said about the incident:“So Tess Thompson Talley, you managed to shoot a sedentary Giraffe – go you!! RT if trophy hunting disgusts you!! #BanTrophyHunting NOW!!”


Sadly though incidents like this are being used to give the impression that Americans that own guns are violent and stupid, but to be honest most are responsible, good gun owning people that care about defending themselves.

Articles say things like this:

“In the USA, about six percent of the population (just over one in 20 people) goes hunting every year. Most of these people kill domestic wild game such as boar or deer, but others will venture further afield in order to satisfy their apparent need to take a life.”

“In fact, some will pay tens of thousands of dollars in order to take down something particularly rare or dangerous.”

It is said that the statistics are true and that there is a divide between people who believe in self-sufficiency and their freedom and those people that believe in the government and a nanny state!

There are people on both sides of the divide, some think its ok to hunt animals, but in our modern society what place is there for hunting?

In this case, we seem to have a woman that is what is commonly called a Trophy Hunter, she hunts rare and exotic creatures, we don’t know how she sleeps at night…

Deep down we know that the existence of people like this is desensitizing us to what they are doing slowly over time and that is also a terrible thing, we should be shocked and stay that way, it must be stopped!

Shooting animals like this is definitely not a sport, and the fact that they are rare is an even bigger crime against nature, we hope one-day karma will come back to bring justice for these acts!

Please SHARE and shame acts like this, let’s all work towards a positive future!

What do you think ?