Hunter finds 6 abandoned puppies with ‘Shoot Me’ on box

In an isolated area, two hours away from Dallas, Texas, a hunter and his wife came upon a most disturbing situation in the woods on December 30.

The couple stumbled upon an old cardboard box with the words “Shoot Me” sprawled across the outside. As the hunter’s wife bent down to see what was in the box; she was shocked to find six helpless puppies still alive in the wet box filled with feces, urine and vomit.

The puppies were emaciated and starving, and as the wife began to make a plan and call the Underdog Project; a Dallas rescue organization, the woman’s husband wanted to shoot the puppies. And as he cocked his gun, ready to brutally end the lives of each and every puppy, because the words “Shoot Me” on the box perhaps signaled a bizarre message to him, the man’s wife was able to keep the puppies safe until rescuers arrived.

According to the Underdog Project who reached out to Pet Rescue Report on Tuesday afternoon; the puppies initially suffered from hook and tapeworms. When found, they had diarrhea with bloody stools and had been vomiting. The pups are currently being treated for coccidiosis.

abandoned puppies

No one knows who left the puppies in the woods; there is no question the heinous; heartbreaking animal cruelty act would have left all of them to die slow, excruciating deaths.

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Volunteers say it is unimaginable how someone could be so heartless to abandon a litter of innocent lives with the words, “Shoot Me.” Be the voices for those who cannot speak. Anyone with information is asked to notify authorities.


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