Hungry Dog Does Something Completely Unexpected When Couple Offer Him Food.

Dogs don’t really live on their own, they are of course domesticated and accompanied by a human companion. So when we see a doggie out on his or her own, without a companion it really does stick out and get noticed!

For most neighborhoods seeing a dog without their human sticks out, but especially a little black pit bull in a parking lot…

This one couple came int the parking lot and saw this little guy who was all on his own, it was immediately obvious to them by his behavior that he was completely on his own, poor little guy.

The little guy didn’t seem dangerous at all, in fact, he was quite friendly and came right up to their car window. They thought this little guy was so cute until they invited him to eat with them…

This cheeky little chap was all to keen to find a companion, as he showed them the only was he knew…

The little cutie accepted the invitation to eat a fast food meal, but through the window seemed such a hard way to do it, so he DIVED in through the window of their car!

The couple were really surprised and shrieked and laughed at his behavior!

The woman, even though it was raining, jumped out of the car and ran off in the terrible weather.

The hilarious experience is one you will really remember for a long time, the pit bull was completely harmless but the guy will definitely think twice before offering food to animals again!

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