Human Creatively Imagines What His Dog Dreams About

If you think about it, dogs have it made, what about dog dreams?

It must be a pretty sweet life: Someone pets you, feeds you and you get to sleep your days away without a worry in the world. With all that idle time for sleeping, dogs must have some pretty awesome dog dreams. Have you ever wondered what your dog dreams about? In this video, Benjamin Scot Miller did just that. Since his mutt, Mick, spends much of the day sleeping, he made this video to represent what he imagines his pup dreams about.

As Mick sits theres, eyes closing and head weighing heavy, dozing off to sleep, I can’t help but want to snuggle up with him and let out a big ole yawn! Just as any dog would, Mick dreams about playing fetch, tug of war, roaming open fields and eating spoonfuls of snacks hand-delivered with love by his human. The day wouldn’t be complete without a little rough housing and play fighting to round out a dream day for this pup.

It’s so fun that Benjamin and Mick have such a fun, playful bond — it reminds me of a tiny baby who has an equally cute bond with her pit bull! Clearly, Mick and Benjamin are tight and love to spend time together and go on adventures.

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