Homeless Puppy Hiding In Pipes Growls When Rescuers Arrive To Save Him

A scared homeless puppy was hiding in a tiny pipe for many weeks until Hope For Paws was called to help try and save him.

When anyone tried to approach him, the homeless puppy would bolt and hide in the metal pipes strewn across an industrial yard in Los Angeles. But the seasoned rescuers knew exactly what to do.

Although TankTwo growled and snarled when he was in the cage; Eldad Hagar believed TankTwo would be okay when he got to the animal hospital. And just as Eldad said; TankTwo completely relaxed after arriving at the vet hospital; wagging his tail and giving his rescuers kisses.

TankTwo, who appears to be under a year old and a Shepherd/Lab/Pit mix is now in a foster home with Much Love Animal Rescue and ready for adoption.

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