Homeless Poodle Had Completely Given Up, But Then He Met A Little Boy

Yankee the homeless poodle had been living on the streets of Los Angeles for quite some time.

The people in the neighborhood he frequented fed him and took care of him the best they could; until one day it seemed like he might be injured.

Someone called Hope for Paws, a rescue organization in Los Angeles, to come and help the poor dog. When rescuers arrived, Yankee was laying with his head sticking out from an alley, sad and defeated. He didn’t appear to be injured — it seemed that he had simply given up.

When the rescuers approached Yankee and pulled out a leash, he instantly became nervous, and started growling at them.

Eldad Hagar, founder of Hope for Paws, knew the little guy was just scared, and quickly slipped his leash over him anyway.

After a few moments, Hagar reached out to touch him … and sweet Yankee didn’t object.

Everyone in the neighborhood was overjoyed to see that Yankee was finally getting the help he needed, and some people even watched from nearby windows as rescuers loaded Yankee into their car to take him to safety.

Yankee’s rescuers quickly brought him to get checked out by a vet, who found that he was matted and in desperate need of a bath, but was otherwise healthy. He was still a little nervous and subdued, but seemed to realize that he was finally safe.

Yankee went into foster care with Rescue From the Hart, where he met a young boy who quickly became his new best friend.

The boy helped Yankee come out of his shell; and taught him the joys of running around a backyard with people you love.

The boy’s attention and devotion quickly transformed Yankee into a loving, energetic little dog who loves everything about life and the people in it.

Now, Yankee is more than ready to find his forever home; and a family who he’ll no doubt love just as much as his incredible foster family.

If you’re interested in adopting Yankee, you can contact Rescue From the Hart for more information.

Watch the full video of Yankee’s rescue below:

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