He Could Barely Feed Himself, Homeless Man Cares For Missing Dog For Six Months!

When a pit bull named Marilyn went missing, her human, Alexis Moraza didn’t think she would ever see her baby again.

Moraza was devastated. Then one day, over six months later, Animal Control officers spotted the dog wandering the streets.

But it was who Marilyn was with that left everyone in shock.

The pit bull had been cared for by a homeless man.

Officers said the man could barely feed himself, but he kept Marilyn well-fed, watered, and happy for those six months. The act was entirely selfless.

When the homeless man was told Marilyn would have to reunite with her human, he spent hours saying goodbye to his surrogate baby before he could let her go. Needless to say, Moraza is grateful. She knows that without his generosity, Marilyn may not be here today.

“It’s real sad because I have a child. And this was feeling like I was missing a child. My heart dropped, my heart went to my stomach [when she left].

I never thought I was going to get the call,” Moraza told CBS. “I am beyond grateful [to the man] for the fact he took her in, and was trying to care for her as best he could — and still trying to care for himself.”

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