Stray Dog Couldn’t Be Happier After Homeless Guy Buys Him Water

This homeless guy, with his dog, was super grateful, after a good samaritan surprised them this week, with an act you don’t normally expect to see…

He bought a bottle of water, not for the guy but for his dog after he spotted he was outside in the sweltering heat.

The dogs were with his owner in the car park, looking thirsty, panting and looking a little stressed in the heat of the day.

Calvin Brathwaite, 29-years-old, from Luton, is a photographer and notices details where others maybe don’t, but that day he saw the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and decided to help the pooch out, what a lovely guy!

Calvin said:

“I saw that the dog was panting and looked like she was hot. …There was no water out for her and her owner appeared to be homeless so I thought I’d help them out.”

The plight of a homeless person is brutal, the reality of sleeping rough during a heatwave is harder than most would imagine.

Calvin purchased the £1.50 bottle of water from a local shop with a box of sweets to use as a water bowl.

Calvin went on to say:

“As soon as I put the water in front of the dog, she started lapping it up. Her owner was doing all he could to look after her, but she was clearly overheating.”

“People don’t realize how dangerous heat can be for dogs.”

Calvin said that the dog’s owner, when he woke up, really appreciated his help…

Calvin said:

“He kept saying thank you and how grateful he was. I gave him the rest of the water and left.”

“In heat like this, people need to be sure to take extra care with animals. ‘They can die because of it so you need to be super careful. I’m just glad that I could help out.”

Amazing what we can do for others in the simplest of ways, but it makes such a difference!

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