Homeless Dog Owners Get A Special Christmas Gift For Their Dogs This Year!

Today there are thousands upon thousands of people who are homeless and living on the streets, I think that over Christmas it’s especially difficult, depressing and if you have a dog very hard to both keep warm!

It’s these pets that comfort, love and protects their owners,  they don’t have a home or indeed any place to go anymore! One rescue group decided to really help out this year and give a special holiday gift to the pets that are such a comfort for their loving owners!

The animal rescue group called the RSPCA are wandering around the streets and seeking out the homeless and their pets, they each get a gift of special waterproof coats to keep their pet warm all through the winter.

In many of the areas, they visit the temperatures are well below 50F and the RSPCA hopes that these coats will help the dogs keep warm and healthy.

Also, their loving owners will have one thing less to worry about this hard winter time they must endure.

dog owners

Amy Quirk, from the RSPCA, said:

“While we can’t help all of them, we wanted to do something to show some kindness during these winter months …As many of these people told us, their dogs are their lifeline and they want to do the very best for them, so by handing out these coats, we are just helping them in a small way to keep the pets they rely on so much happy and healthy.”

dog owners

As the rescue center workers do their daily jobs they will be on the lookout for any and all homeless people and their pets to give them their special Christmas, quite lifesaving in some cases, gifts!

dog owners

Each time the team of workers has found somebody on the streets with a dog, they will be getting well looked after, what a great idea and a great way to save the doggies in the streets this winter!

Down to the very last person has been super grateful for these fabulous Christmas gifts they received for their beloved pets that keep them company all year long.

dog owners

Not only that but the doggies look pretty delighted too, and especially when they feel lovely and warm too!

A guy told the RSPCA in one video:

“She’s my ear, she’s my shoulder, she’s my best friend …She’s my protection — she’s everything.”

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