Homeless Bind Dog Found In A Junk Yard Desperately Needs A Home!

An abandoned dog is really sad, but a blind abandoned completely helpless dog, is absolutely heartbreaking, this doggie was one such case…

This sweet but helpless dog had wandered into the junkyard and called the rescue organization hope for paws to come and help him.

They gave him some water and food and prayed for him and that hope for paws turned up before animal control did, this poor doggie really needed love and some special care.

Lisa Arturo and JoAnn Wiltz from Hope for Paws came out to help as fast as they could when they arrived the poor dog was scared and helpless.

They tried to tempt him out from under his hiding place with some food, but he was just too scared, they had to gently pull him out, he looked so scared the poor doggie…

blind dog

They cut him free from his string tether and untangled him in the process, picked him up and placed him on some blankets in the back of the car, even in the car he was petrified.

He started to settle as he had his head stroked and you could see he was so tired, not just in the moment but by a life of suffering, they rushed him to the vet for immediate medical care.

And he had corneal ulcers, two mast cell tumors, and a skin infection as well as periodontal disease and being dehydrated too.

He had been abandoned by his previous owner, but now he was safe again, the rescue center called him Duncan.

Duncan is on a foster home and getting better every day, but he still needs a forever home and love and care with an understanding family…

Let’s hope someone sees this his video and adopts him, please SHARE this with friends and family!

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