After Hit and Run, Their Fallen Friend Lay In The Road – Nothing Was Going To Make Them Move!

Strength in solidarity of something we tend to think of as a human trait, but our four-pawed friends stand by it too, in fact, these stray dogs touched a nation after they plain refused to get out of the road after one of them was hit by a car…

The five of them all together were trying to get across the road, four of the five made it but one of them got hit by a car.

They were in Lanzhou, in Gansu province, in Central China and the road they were trying to cross was a really busy road there.

The fifth that was knocked down by a car was sadly dead, lay lifeless on the road, but that didn’t stop his friends from doing what they felt was right!

When the four that made it across heard their friend yelp out in pain, instead of running away, they ran back to him, to nuzzle and be with their friend.

Perhaps even hope that their fallen friend would get up and come with them, but either way, they had made their stand and nothing was going to make then move!


Onlookers said that the four dogs just ignored the busy traffic, without concern that their friend had died.

Its believed that the driver who ran over the dog didn’t even stop, just heatlessly carried on like nothing had happened!

You can see in the short video that the cars pass by but the dogs stubbornly refuse to move out of the way, even though the car pass dangerously close to them.

The clip really went viral, it really does show the strength of the animals friendship.

One person said:

“If only humans could be more like these dogs.”

The dogs did finally move, but only when one of the passers-by moving the dead dog to the side of the road.

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