Guy ‘Accidentally’ Hit His Friends Puppy With Force Likened to ‘being struck by a car’

Many of us dog lovers have been in a situation where a friend or family occasionally watches our beloved doggie for us, but we don’t expect to come home and find a terrible scene laid out in front of them.

This guy was said to have unintentionally punched the dog after it bit him and he says that he doesn’t deserve to go to jail.

He hit the dog twice and the second punch knocked out the dog, but not just that, it was fatal and the dog died.

The families beloved dog was precious to them and of course, they feel incredibly bad and upset by the whole thing.

The guy, Mare Tahau, 29, pleaded guilty to the charges of mistreating an animal and is now awaiting sentencing which will be in the Adelaide Magistrates Court.

It was said to the court that Mare was staying with his friend, at their house and that during the time he was there, mast May, was when the incident happened.

The doggie was approximately a 12-pound terrier, by the name of Rover, and the dog was in the laundry room that day as the owners were out that day with friends.

Mare stayed at the house that day as he was going to start a new job in the morning of the next day, he went into the dog to ‘calm him’ as he had been barking for a while, around 30 minutes.

Apparently, he said he reacted badly after he went to ‘pat the dog’ but the dog then bit him, he said he reacted ‘excessively’ and punched the dog.

But it didn’t stop there the dog bit him again and he punched the dog considerably harder, so much so that the dog was rendered unconscious.

The RSPCA an association for the protection of animals and the prosecutor Damon are calling for an immediate jail term for the guy.

The court was told:

“That dog was beaten to death …The death of the dog was violent, probably very frightening for the dog and possibly painful.”

The vet also said that during a post-mortem examination of the dog the force of the impact was just like that of being hit by a car!

The guy’s lawyer, Craig Fabbian, told the court his client was genuinely remorseful, ashamed and upset…

Mr. Fabbian said:

“It was a moment of great foolishness. He reacted poorly in the circumstances of being bitten …There is an element of provocation, he went there with a genuine intention of assisting the dog and it bit him and he reacted poorly, he doesn’t excuse it.”

He also said:

“The owner has said the dog was a beloved family member and to see the dog in its dead state in the back of the defendant’s car has scarred him for life”

“He also said coming home to see blood stains in the laundry was overwhelming.”

Let’s hope he gets what he deserves, SHARE and let the world support this poor family shaken family…

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