Hilarity In This Cats Reaction to Finding She Is Pregnant

This cat was more than a little surprised after realizing that she was actually going to have kittens! Completely amazing, that’s all we can say anyway, see for yourself…

The reaction you see from this cat really is something special, so much so that this adorable kitty’s sonogram that was videoed by the adoption agency, has gone viral worldwide!

The photos you can see how the cat at a first glance, then looking to the sonogram, with a real look of shock on her face, just adorable!

She is called Ulla, and she is a one-year-old Tabby cat who was found in the streets, given in to the Dyrenes Vanner shelter in Nuuk, Greenland, the staff noticed something about her and wanted to confirm their suspicions…

The rescue center said:

“We took this cat in a few weeks ago, but only recently noticed the bulge area in her stomach getting bigger and bigger …Turns out she’s pregnant!”

People have since shared the photos on Reddit, the caption reads:

“When you find out you’re pregnant”

It was up-voted well over 90,000 times, WOW!

The photos have also retrieved many funny comments and people have really loved the funny side of this story, we just have to share some of the funny comments:

“He told me he was fixed!”  …  “Immeowculate conception”

The rescue center also revealed recently that the beautiful Ulla is expecting four or five little kittens, and has since been adopted and will give birth in a few short weeks!

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