Highway patrol officer receives oodles of thanks from dog lost on freeway

It must have been a scary time for a young German shepherd who found himself in a precarious situation on Monday morning as he tried to maneuver his way down the busy Highway 99 in Bakersfield, California.

Luckily, a California Highway Patrol officer had been in the area and spotted the dog walking in the vehicle lanes near Hosking Avenue. Unfortunately the dog did not have a collar, so what is one to think?

Was this dog just abandoned on the freeway to have to find his own way and what most likely would have been a certain death if the patrol officer didn’t show up?

The dog appears well cared for, and it may be that he oh so cleverly escaped from his own backyard. Hopefully his family is looking for him.

On a positive note, the grateful dog, and we do mean grateful was caught in photos kissing his rescuer. When the CHP -Bakersfield officer brought the pooch back to the office, they even shared a drink of water together.

The sweet pup has been transferred to the Kern County Animal Shelter in Fruitvale. It is hoped his family is looking for him and will come to the shelter to rescue him. He looks like a great dog. If not, he will be available for adoption.

Interested in adopting a new best friend from the Kern County Animal Shelter? The kids are home for the summer; what a great idea.

How about the beautiful but very relaxed Kevin the kitten?

Maybe a guinea pig named Travis?

And not to mention one heck of a good looking pooch named Wade…

All of these guys are anxiously awaiting the perfect family to love. Won’t you be their hero? For more information on adoptions, fostering or volunteering, please click here.

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(Photos of highway patrol rescue courtesy of CHP- Bakersfield)

(Photos of pets in need of adoption courtesy of Kern County Animal Shelter)