Heroic dog jumps in to save drowning fawn

This weekend, an incredible scene played out in New York’s Long Island Sound when a drowning fawn was rescued by a man’s dog.

Mark Freeley was on a walk with his dog Storm, an English golden retriever, on Sunday when the dog suddenly ran into the water.

Freeley had his camera recording in the dramatic moments which followed – Storm was on a mission. The dog had spotted a fawn struggling in the water and he jumped in, making a bee-line directly to the animal.

Freeley told CBS New York, “Storm just plunged into the water and started swimming out to the fawn, grabbed it by the neck, and started swimming to shore.” The dog was able to bring the baby deer back to shore – he then pawed at the fawn, apparently concerned for the tiny animal who appeared to be too exhausted to move.

The video cuts away, but more drama was in store for the baby – according to the Strong Island Animal Rescue League (STAR), Freeley had contacted them about the baby deer and they sent volunteers to the area to make sure that the fawn was okay.

The agency explained what happened next:

Frankie and Erica hit the road with Frankie arriving first. Mark Freeley, Storm the dogs owner, started the 25 minute walk BACK to where the deer was left bringing Frankie along. At that time Erica was driving down side roads in Belle Terre to find an easy entry point to where the deer may have been located.

Erica called Frankie for an update while driving and his panic stricken voice yelled out “she’s back in the water! She’s too far out! She’s drowning! I’m going in! Frankie hung up the phone. 

The fawn was rescued from the water and is expected to be okay – STAR wrote:

She was put into a dark pack and play and is in a quiet room to rest. She will receive fluids, feedings, and when old enough she will be released back into the wild.

She has a few superficial wounds from her exciting day but will survive.

Watch the dramatic video of Storm and the fawn:

Video source (Link) – Find STAR on Facebook here.

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