Help Finally Arrives For Emaciated Mother Dog On Tangled Tether

Nobody knows how long this young mother was too tangled to reach her food

Over the weekend, a young mother dog, badly neglected and trying her best to care for a litter of puppies even though she received little to no care herself, was finally removed from her pitiful situation after an animal control officer paid a visit to her home.

Pearl River County Animal Control Officer Danny Joe Slade discovered the skeletal dog, “Daisy,” at a residence in Carriere, Mississippi, after someone filed an animal welfare report.

ACO Slade, who is quoted in the Picayune Item, stated, “She was in such bad condition, it was difficult to tell if she was, in fact, a pit bull.”

When questioned about the dog, the owner claimed to have been out of town…someone else supposedly had been in charge of feeding her.

Fortunately, the dismal existence on the end of a tether is over for Daisy and her six puppies – the owner voluntarily surrendered custody.

No longer will these dogs live outside, not knowing when they will receive their next meal or a drink of clean water.

An exam has revealed that Daisy is not only malnourished but suffering from heartworms.

Before she can undergo treatment, she will need to put on much-needed weight and regain some strength.

The person who owned Daisy and the puppies has been cited for animal neglect – a court date has been set in August.

Better things are in store for this young family!

(Images via Pound Wishes Fundraiser)

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