Hefty Beagle Gets Help With His Whopping Weight From Kind Foster Family !!

Hefty Beagle Story… It’s a known fact that dogs love to eat, acting as furry little garbage disposals for many households.

Our pups eagerly await the chance to grab scraps from the floor or delicious treats from the kitchen counter.

But at the end of the day, dogs have tummies and metabolisms just like we do, and can gain weight in excess when not fed properly.

Just like their respective humans, if dogs’ diets aren’t balanced out with exercise, their weight can balloon — just like Daisy the overweight dog.

This was the case for poor Kale Chips, who was so heavy that he couldn’t walk and was in a great deal of pain. But thanks to the Happy Dog Barkery.

He has been on a strict diet that helped him get back to a normal weight. 

Thanks to his new lifestyle. Kale Chips is virtually unrecognizable from how he looked months ago.

His sweet foster family proved that with the proper diet and fitness routine, even doggies can meet their weight loss goals.

Check below to see Kale Beagle Chips’ amazing transformation.


Poor Kale Chips Beagle was so overweight that he could barely stand up or walk.


The 8-year-old beagle was tipping the scale at a staggering 86 lbs.

The weight ruined her quality of life, making it impossible to run around, play, and cuddle like a normal pooch.


The reason for her extreme weight gain was a previous owner who suffered from memory loss and frequently overfed him.


Fortunately, Kale Chips’ life was rescued by his foster family at the Happy Dog Barkery who put him on a strict doggie diet.


Since beginning his rigorous routine, consisting of a nutrient-rich diet as well as daily walks and swims. Kale Chips lost over HALF his weight.


He has slimmed down to his goal weight of 44 lbs. And loves running around yards after squirrels just like a normal, active pup.


Thanks to his loving foster family, Kale Chips now has his livelihood back.

Generally an animal’s health is directly correlated to its home life. And judging by the sweet dog’s current physique, he has finally found the right family.

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