Nightmare Coming True – Animal Shelter Euthanized The Dog Within Hours After He Was Found!


Kristi and Jason Durham, a couple from Lakeland, Florida, are heartbroken after discovering that their beagle who went missing was euthanized by the shelter that found it.

Kristi revealed in an emotional FB post that Lefty, her dog who escaped during a storm was killed, euthanized, only hours later!

She was found by a good samaritan who dropped the animal at an animal shelter. Unfortunately, the animal shelter euthanized the dog within hours!

Kristi had appealed on FB for help trying to find the pooch,who had problems with his sight and hearing. In the meanwhile, Jason contacted different animal shelters in an effort to locate the pet.


Ms Durham explained:

“This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through in my life, and I’ve been through a lot during my time. Every waking moment that something else doesn’t have my mind occupied, all I can think about is my Lefty. He was so happy and full of life.”

She added that she would give up everything she has in life to have him back.

“If only they had listened to me when I called them 45mins prior to him arriving there and them killing my baby … He was killed within an hour and a half of escaping my fence.”

Polk County Animal control said that the dog was not in good health and added that his microchip information was out-of-date.

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A spokesperson stated:

“It was just the perfect storm, and it’s very sad. We feel terrible for this pet owner. She’s welcome to come to animal control and we’ll give her a pet for free. We certainly don’t want this to ever happen again.”

This is like a nightmare coming true, it’s terrible. Our condolences to the heartbroken couple. May Lefty Rest In Peace.



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