Heartbreaking: He Shot Her Pit Bull All Because He Was Scared!?

Shooting a dog is a serious business, I mean when is it right to shoot a dog? I think its safe to say that its almost certainly never the dog’s fault, ever, its human error, but whose error exactly?

The poor pit bull was shot, dying on the lawn, heaven knows how this doggie must have felt. The owner of the house apologizes but then goes on to say that the dog came after him.

The owner says that the dog is friendly and wouldn’t hurt anyone, but then concedes that while she was at work perhaps the dog slipped out of the chain?

Some of what happened was captured in a video posted to YouTube, it’s very sad, the video shows a young lady in a terrible state because her pit bull was shot.

The woman can be heard shouting:“That is my baby! That is my baby!’ as a man tries to stop her entering the home.”

pit bullpit bull

All the while off camera we can hear many men, one says:

“I had to, he came in the house, he came after me, I’m sorry.”

It’s not clear where the video was taken but all the voices on the video have an American accent, the lady in the video goes on to say that the dog approached the hose with his tail wagging as she cried sat over her beloved doggie crying.

She shouts to one of the men:

“He’s still alive, dad!” … “call for an ambulance!”

The man who shot the dog maintains that the dog came at him and he had no choice, but perhaps we should ask ourselves, do you carry a gun to hand in case a dog should come to attack you at any moment?

The dog’s owner carries on crying about her dog, he seems to be called Zeus, she is enraged and upset and vows to destroy everything in the house that the many who shot the dog owns!

Inside, there is a woman who says she is afraid of dogs, she says that she has a dog too and that Zeus had tried to get into a fight with it…

The police are on their way and the woman, still upset and angry about her dog, storms off yelling, though both videos were posted to YouTube last year its not really that obvious why suddenly they are trending now?

At the end of the day, the fact remains that if you don’t want your dog to get shot, then keep him or her safely with you and don’t let them escape!!

pit bull

In 2014 American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) said that controlled tests do not show pit bulls to be any more aggressive than other breeds!

pit bull

The general consensus though is that all dogs can be dangerous or not, it’s al how they are handled and trained that is the most important factor!

Who’s fault was it? You decide!

What do you think ?