They Burned His Store To Ashes While His Pup Was Inside – He Wrote Heartbreaking Letter

We don’t too often hear about arson, but still, there are cases regularly pop up, in that some people have some sort of obsession with fire, well at the end of the day, things can be replaced, but this time beautiful dog has suffered because of it…

The arsonists set fire to the business yard, called Sutton Car Spares, in St Helens in the UK, the owner writes a heartfelt post on Facebook.

The dog, called Scooby, perished in the fire, and his other dog, Zulu, was adamant to get back into the burning building, so much so he burnt his paws trying to get back in, he knew Scooby was inside.

The post reads: – “Message to the little gang of dog murdering rats. ‘I’m not bothered about you burning down our yard, I’m not bothered about us losing an enormous amount of money, that’s all trivial.”

“I’m not assed, shit happens, it can be replaced …what has bothered me is that you’ve burnt Scooby alive and killed him.”

“…You rats. I was suspicious why our other brown dog Zulu was so determined to get back into the fire, any of the emergency services on site can confirm this.”

“I suspect you’ve done it on purpose as he prevented you absolute bunch of shit houses from stealing parts.”

But even after this, just a few hours ago, the owner stresses that he has had so much support from people, and want to make it clear that two wrongs don’t make a right, even as sad as he feels about his dog:

He said too that the whole thing is more than just about money to him, it’s about the poor dog that perished and must have been so hurt and scared that day he could not escape his fiery end.

The Police are treating it a case of suspected arson and are investigating accordingly, looking st forensics and Security and CCTV.

A spokesman said:

“Shortly before 0.10am, a report was received of a fire that had damaged a number of cars at the premises on Hoghton Road in Sutton.”

Thankfully there were no other reports of other injuries and people also harmed in the fire, but poor Scooby has been taken before his time, Scooby you’re in all our thoughts!

The police are making inquiries door to door and urge anyone with further information to come forward and speak out against these terrible and cowardly actions.

We hope that the criminal(s) who carried out these suspected terrible acts can be caught and brought to justice, please SHARE and let’s support the owner and maybe even help raise awareness to find the perpetrators.

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