Starving Dog Was Lost And Dying In The Woods. Then Love Happened!

Behold, the 30-day (or so) miracle. Where once there was a starving dog soul lost in the woods outside of Rio De Janeiro, there is now a dog.

The secret?  This guy. Wilson Coutinho Martins has earned a reputation around the the world for his animal heroics.

More than half a million people follow him on Facebook, thrilling to this extraordinary affirmation of humanity — and, of course, videos for this dog lost and dying in the woods:

So, when a brutally emaciated pit bull was spotted in the woods just outside of the city, Martins naturally went into full-savior mode.

Davi, as the dog came to be called, was a terrifying sight, according to a post on his Facebook page.

Wilson Coutinho Martins and the dog
Wilson Coutinho Martins and the dog Davi

A bone jutted out from his hindquarters, and he was besieged by infection and maggots. He weighed just 28 pounds, mostly, it seemed, bones.


This emerald-eyed castaway had lost so much blood from the wound on his rear end, he needed several blood transfusions. And the bandaging for Davi’s wounds piled up quickly.

His recovery was painstaking. But Martins held Davi’s paw every step of the way.

At last, his wounds healed. He managed to put on healthy weight.

dog bath

His journey from transfusions to transformation was complete.

But is it a miracle? Or have we seen, time and time again, that the road to recovery is paved with love?

And if it is a miracle, consider, perhaps, that it’s a miracle that’s inside us all.

What do you think ?