Harvey Tore These Owners And Their Dogs Apart: Their Reunions Made Me Cry

Hurricane Harvey separated countless dogs from their parents. The animal shelters are imploding with hundreds of displaced pets.

Heartbreaking photos have emerged of families being lead to safety as their dogs drift away, barely keeping their heads above water.

The bond between man and dog is strong. Life isn’t quite the same once that companionship is lost.

Amongst all the sad news of how many dogs are now homeless because of Harvey, there are two touching stories of reunion that are lighting up the internet.

Cancer Patient And His Dog Are Reunited After A Heartbreaking Separation

Jeff Blackwell was hospitalized at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston when Hurricane Harvey hit. He was trapped there for days, unable to see his wife and his dog, Auryn.

Before the hurricane, Jeff had routine visits with his dog, but when the flood waters got too high, those visits had to stop.

Jeff’s wife, Jessica, informed him that Auryn wasn’t doing well not seeing him. She promised to reunite her husband with his dog as soon as the waters receded.

When that day came, Auryn ran down the hall of the hospital, tail wagging and barking so everyone could hear. When Jeff embraced Auryn, witnesses described it as a father-like embrace, as if he were holding his child.

Watch their reunion here.

Hero Family And Their Dog Are Reunited After Saving Dozens Of Lives

Shortly after Hurricane Harvey hit, Chelsea Kasper was driving through the Sam Houston National Forest when she found a dog in a creek.

She noticed that no one was around to help him. He was bitten up and looked hungry. No one was calling for the dog, either. She waited a while before loading him into her car.

Then the question became, “who does this dog belong to?”

Chelsea checked for a collar. There was none. But because of how trained the pup was, she knew he had an owner, so she started making calls. She called vets, shelters and lost animal hotlines. No luck.

Chelsea fed the dog and decided to start a social media campaign to find the dog’s owner. She posted pictures of him on Facebook, describing him as a displaced pit bull. The post was shared thousands of times until one comment caught the attention of the readers.

A woman named Trish Cranney claimed it was her dog. She and her husband had been busy rescuing people with their family boat. When they finally went home, they noticed their dog was missing. “We were assisting people in bad shape. While we were helping, our dog got out,” said Ricky Cranney.

Though this was great news, Chelsea wanted to know that this couple was the real deal. She asked for family photos with the dog. The family sent her pictures they still had and she knew that the dog was theirs.

When Chelsea called him by his name, “Angel!” his tail went crazy! He knew he was going home.

If you have friends still separated from their pets because of Hurricane Harvey, check here to see if they’ve been found!

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