He Hanged The Dog In Temper – Because He Didn’t Round Up The Sheep Correctly!?

Some people seem to be from a different era, but no matter how you look at it wrong is wrong no matter what era you’re from! This farmer really does seem to have come from the stone age…

The farmer, Graham Thomas, 55-years-old hung his dog from a tree all because he did not round up the flock properly, each tile I say it I almost can’t believe it, how cruel and malice can one person be?

He attached a 20-foot piece of rope around his dog Prince’s neck, to hang and kill him, the poor dog must have cried out for help, but he just did it anyway, even in all the pain he caused the dog.

Prince a Welsh border collie was completely innocent in all this, he never even knew why his heartless owner would do this to him, what an awful deeply sad way to die.

The farmer, maybe in shame, tried to tell people that the dog had hanged himself, a desperate story from someone who surely must have realized that what he did was so wrong.


He said the dog was tied and ran up the tree, while the rope was around his neck, then the rope twisted…

He went on to say that Prince had died by the time he had seen what was happening, but witnesses tell a different story and say before the dog was killed they saw him shouting and swearing at the dog!

The vet testified that the court that the hanging of the dog would have caused prince a great fear and deep distress, it was very clearly unnecessary suffering!

The rescue group the RSPCA were told by an expert vet that Thomas’ story was not congruent with what seemed to have actually happened, in other words, he was no telling the truth!

He was, of course, found guilty at court and now has been jailed for 18 weeks and banned from keeping dogs and sheep for life!


The court heard that it was one of the clearest acts of cruelty that had been come across and so serious that only custody could be justified.

Emma Smith said the animal rescue center inspector said:

“This is such an unusual and disturbing case where a sheepdog was killed by his owner allegedly because he wouldn’t round up his sheep properly.”

“Prince would have suffered immensely which resulted sadly in his death. This deliberate cruelty is just so horrific to fathom.”

“Following the incident, his body was then removed by the defendant and burnt…”

“It must have been extremely distressing for the witnesses to have seen this. We are very grateful to them for reporting it to us and assisting with our investigations.”

Prince, you are in our hears and thoughts, we hope that you are now in a better place, far on the other side of the rainbow and running free, happy and at peace.

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