Guy’s Dog attacks Other Dogs, For The Second Time, No Justice!

As dog lovers it’s just as menacing when another dog attacks our beloved doggie as when it attacks us, we love our dogs and feel their pain like it’s our own. This one guy’s dog really was a menace to other dogs…

Around September 2017 a dog attacked another German Sheppard dog, no one could find the dog or the owner, authorities issued warrants for the arrest of the owner, Ryan Michael Gardner.

The police issued a statement asking the public to call the crime line if they saw or knew where he was, all they knew was that he was last known to reside in the 10 block of White Oak Drive.

His dog, Brody, was described as an older male pit bull, mainly light brown in color, and a white chest with a black muzzle.

Later on, in December Brody attacked two more dogs, the owners of these dogs that were attacked were very angry and just wanted justice for their own dogs.

Brody, a dangerous dog who brutally attacks other dogs without provocation.

Authorities had issued more warrants for his arrest, the 35-year-old guy later saw sense and gave himself up to the police, his dog was recovered by animal services.

An official made a statement that Brody will remain in custody of the Animal care services until Gardner can fulfill Virginia State Code, in respect of having a dangerous animal!

Ryan Michael Gardner…

The Animal Welfare Superintendent, Wayne Gilbert, said:

“He goes on the Virginia Dangerous Dog Registry. The property has to be marked as being a place where a dangerous dog lives. There are certain insurance requirements the owner has to abide by. If the owner takes the dog out for a walk, he has to have on a muzzle.”

But after everything, Gardner walks free with a slap on the wrist and a fine!

The owners of the dogs that were attacked really don’t feel that justice has been done, tell us what you think in the comments below.

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