Guy And Woman Use The Cruelest Way To Wash Their Two Dogs!

We often look at stories about rescued dogs, we look at many stories about doggies before and after their baths and washes, but this time we are looking at a cleanup job a little different than you might expect…

THere is a really surprising story that was shared by Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue of a car wash that some very irresponsible owners used to wash their dogs with.

The good people of the Wash Stop, were away from the site, with family, but a video let us see a woman and two men a the car wash place.

They pulled up their truck at the car wash and chained up their two German Shepherds inside the car wash bay area…

The poor dogs had soap shot at them, soap intended to clean cars, how insane can people really be, I mean soap for cars on dogs!!

The horrible owner then used the car wash brush to brush them too and even worse than that they used the pressure washer to blast them with water to remove the soap, a pressure washer designed to clean metal cars!!!!

Then they briskly drove away, we really feel for the two poor dogs that had to endure this truly awful treatment…

Nicole Gattoross, the owner of Wash-Stop, said:

“You can see in our videos they are clearly terrified”

He immediately alerted the police and gave them the video footage of what happened. Nicole has gone on to be interviewed by many news outlets and share the story and raise awareness.

The police department is pursuing a prosecution on two counts of animal cruelty, but the owner said that he had no idea the chemicals in the soap could be harmful to dogs, really?

Surely a reasonable person would know that the pressure washer would cause pain to an animal, even by the animal’s reaction, well if not then the owner is surely not fit to be an owner?

Thankfully the owner is no longer the owner and given the animals away, at least we can rest easy that they will be cared for at last…

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