Guy Really Wants To Adopt A Dog But Ends Up Taking A Cat Home Instead!

Sometimes in life we can surprise ourselves, most of-of have found ourselves in that position where something unexpected happens, that is just the case here as a real doggie person went to the shelter to give a puppy a home but ended up with an adorable tortoiseshell cat…

It all happened about two years ago, during which there was quite a lot of snow at the time and the guy lived on his own, so a four-legged companion as what he was looking for.

The guy said: “I was in Virginia for some training. At this specific time, a pretty large snow was blowing through. When I was on my way home I heard on the radio that a shelter called Richmond Animal League was looking for temporary/permanent homes for all of their animals, as the staff expected to get snowed in”

He took the plunge and decided to go to the shelter and have a look around, he wanted to rescue a pup, however, when he got there he found that there were no dogs at all left to give a home to, they had all been re-homed already!

He said:

“It was great, but I couldn’t bring myself to simply leave without even considering what I had gone there for.”

So he ventured into the cat room, he had a mingle with all the cats there, he said that there was a woman working there and she saw that he wasn’t really into the cats. She then showed him to the lobby area where they had some really young animals, in separate cages.

One of the little ones, called Marbles, was snuggled into a quiet corner, the woman asked him to try to pick her up and see how it felt.

He said:

“I opened the cage, picked her up and that was it. She started meowing the most pathetic little chirps as she pushed her face to the brim of my cap (this is when they got the picture), only to be backed by a rumble of purring. I turned into a huge sap”

Then he said:

“I didn’t like or ever want cats before this. Simply put; I shook my head with a nod of acceptance, put her back in the cage for a brief moment while I did the paperwork, and got ready to take her home.”

“They didn’t have pups, but they did have my best bud. I was not a cat guy, but I guess you could say I’m a cat guy now.”

He decided he wanted to call the delightful little ball of fluff ‘Barb’, he liked that name.

He said: “This is where Barb likes to hang when I get home.”

Barb really was meant to be in his home and really was a great companion to him, she was a real character too!

He went on to say:

“She is definitely the matriarch of the household as she keeps all of the other creatures in check. A cuddler and purrer for sure. She still acts like a needy little kitten – loves all people”

Just a few months on, six to be precise, he found another friend for Barb, a little pup called Rupert. Barb took him in and really mothered him, like one of her own babies almost, the two of them really became inseparable.

He described them like this:

“They are always playing or snuggling when they aren’t snuggled up to us.”

Barb is so happy now for two years, ever since she found her forever home with him, delightful!

He said about his cat:

“Now Barbara and I are best buds accompanied by my pup, Rupert, along with my girlfriend and her two cats, Bruce and Joe. It’s a good life.”

What a truly lovely story to read, just think he never even intended to get a cat, now they are best of pals, what a great thing that happened for both of them!

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