‘Kill em, boy’: Guy tells Pit Bull to attack cops, but he turns on his owner for all the right reasons!

Being dog lovers, we don’t have to be told how awesome they are! We know this through experience and from years of loving our pooch friends. We know too, how intelligent canines are. The dog in this story knows right from wrong, even when his owner doesn’t.

Police in Riviera Beach Florida received a call about a burglary. They arrived on scene and found 26-year-old Avery Davis. Davis matched the description of the suspect.

The alleged suspect carried packages and had his pit bull with him.

Police ordered Davis to drop the bags. The young man didn’t use his brain but thought it would be smart for him to use his dog to attack the cops. Stupid fool!

The man dropped the bags and clung to his dog. Then, Davis took off running. The cops stunned him, but he escaped again. Davis then removed his dog’s leash and ordered the pooch to “kill’em boy.”

Pit Bull

Confused with all the activity surrounding him, the poor pit bull didn’t know what to do. He didn’t go to the police as his owner hoped, but Davis.

The smart pit bull bit Davis in the buttocks. He even went for his head. Ouch. Well, this is quite stunning because dogs usually obey their owners.

What made this pit bull turn on the man who held his leash? We don’t know, but we’re certain the police are glad for the canine’s assistance.

Pit Bull

Davis, the coward, was later found hiding beneath an SUV. What a good dog! Such a smart boy this pit was for disobeying orders.

We hope this fabulous animal is in a home where his intellect is encouraged. Hopefully, he was handsomely rewarded for apprehending his stupid former owner.

Maybe he’d be a good police dog? We think perhaps he would. He’d be one in a million.

What do you think ?