Guy Stabs Friends Dog, No Sentence Given Because He Is Sorry!?

A knife is not just a tool in the kitchen it’s a serious implement that can inflict serious harm, which undoubtedly has happened here, but the twist, no sentence so he can apologize to the dog’s owner!?

The guy we are talking about is Raymond Kilgour, 43-years-old, and he was in court for sentencing after he admitted that he had stabbed the dog, who belonged to his friend…

The poor dog, called skipper must have felt truly awful in this scary moments, his owner, a guy called Duncan McCormack, really felt that he had to do the best he could for justice for Skipper.

Skipper was in such agony, the pain of the act itself, but then too the continued suffering and mental damage that has been done to this dog is a huge deal for Skipper, the mental scars will undoubtedly take time to heal.

Then what you could call a shock, to say the least, the sentencing started, but then it followed the path of ‘restorative justice’ where it was felt that a meeting was needed between Kilgour, and McCormack, where apologies could be given.

Raymond Kilgour, 43, admitted stabbing Skipper the dog

The reasoning was not really clear, but restorative justice officials had seemingly decided, in their ultimate wisdom, that’s right you can hear our sarcastic tone as we said that, there would be NO meeting!?!?

At this stage, both of the parties were willing to go ahead with it, but no it would no go ahead at all, but is this not a mockery of the judge, did officials feel that the judge was not correct?

So the Judge, Gary MacAskill said that the sentencing was to be delayed until December 20th and that in the time before this Kilgour could pay McCormack’s $1311 vet’s bill, some small retribution, but nothing is the scheme of things…

The two of them, apparently, were drinking together when there was a joke made about skippers age and health and how stabbing him was the solution, the exact details of this we do not know verbatim.

It was after this that McCormack then heard a yelp…

He said:

“I thought my dog was going to die. It was horrific”

He had been stabbed in the shoulder and could not walk for two weeks, the poor dog couldn’t even sleep well, with his injury…

He said:

“Skipper required constant reassurance and comforting 24/7”

…he also said that Skipper bounced back well, but had a scar on his shoulder and was clingy.

Although the defense attorney said that his client was remorseful, McCormick said that he was not and had not actually shown any signs of remorse or guilt for the terrible thing he did.

The Judge said that there was likely to be a sentence of community work, supervision, and reparation, but really, we certainly don’t feel like that was appropriate, do you?

What do you think ?