Guy Sits In Cage With Scared Dog, It’s The Only Way To Get His Trust!

Some countries will really eat anything, but we most certainly couldn’t even bear to think about eating an animal that is man’s and woman’s best friend! Here though we hear about dogs being pulled from cages with nooses and killed for their meat…

These poor dogs, trapped in these cages were scared out of their wits. They were forced to watch as their fellow doggies dragged out if the cages with a noose and then slaughtered!

Michael Chour with a group of rescuers saves dogs like these from the meat traders, in Southeast Asia, and they are passionate as they are determined!

Their group is called “The South of Animals” and last week they visited a dog meat slaughterhouse over in Siem Reap, Cambodia on a mission.

The slaughterhouse, in Cambodia, had literally hundreds of dogs crammed tightly into small cages waiting to be killed without any regard for the animal feeling pain!

scared dog

Michael said:

“This one is well-known in Siem Reap for selling (dog meat) in the streets and has a big share of the dog meat trade …Even tourists buy dog meat from them to try it.”

Shamefully it’s legal to kill dogs and sell them for their meat in Cambodia, sadly for the rescue team that meant that the rescue team could not legally remove the dogs…

The rescuers wanted to do as much as they could and save as many dogs as they could, they approached the slaughterhouse owner to negotiate the release of seven dogs.

Getting those doggies to come out of their cages, especially when they saw what happened to the other dogs that got taken out, was really hard work, he ended up getting int the cage with the dogs, to gain their confidence?

scared dog

Michael said:

“Most of the dogs were frozen in fear and confusion, not knowing how to react except staying quite still …Two of the dogs were very anxious and volatile so it was important not to provoke them.”

The rescue team gently coaxed the dogs one by one, gently pulling them out fo their cages to take them to safety.

Leaving the rest of the dogs at the slaughterhouse was one of the hardest things they ever had to do.

He said:

“I sat for a long time near their cages, asking them to forgive me.”

The dogs they rescued are now alive and well an in a shelter in Thailand, the ‘Sound of Animals’ center, Michael says that they really are doing amazing!

scared dog

Michael said:

“These dogs’ personalities changed so much within the first 12 hours …On the first morning at the shelter, every one of them showed trust and joy.”

Of the seven dogs, one of them was pregnant and amazingly that now means that the rescue team really saved 12 dogs that day, because she had five beautiful and strong puppies.

scared dog

Michael said:

“To see the babies born at my shelter alive and healthy … is just so incredible, and so, so sweet …It gives me hope for this new year.”

The rescue team will find forever homes for each one of them, all in time, hopefully, they will be adopted by overseas families, and Michael is really hopeful for this to happen.

scared dog

If you want to adopt one yourself then you will need to contact the Sound of Animals team on Facebook.

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