Guy Rescues A Pregnant Dog, On The Way Back Something Amazing Happens!

This guy is completely amazing, he is a dedicated rescuer and loves animals too, a real hero that the world is a better place to have. When he rescues this one pregnant dog something amazing happened…

Art Shaul is his name, and at 69 years-old he has the wisdom life has given him, that and his utter love and dedication of animals and rescuing them…

This really was the perfect combination for this pregnant dog to feel completely safe, she sensed that she was in a safe place.

One of Art’s missions is to prevent these lovely animals from getting stuck in shelters, he wants to not only rescue dogs but also get them into loving homes, what a guy!

Art is retired and has been for several years, since then he has made every effort to put his mission into action and rescue dogs, one really stands out as special, a dog called Coralina.

pregnant dog

Art described what happened that day:

“She was pushed out a car along a road in Kentucky — rural Kentucky …The car sped off, and she’s like 8 to 10 years old, and she’s pregnant.”

Art sprang into action, he could bear to see abuse like this, he drove from his house in Florida to rescue Coralina all the way in Kentucky!

The very second almost that Art, his pal and of course Coralina in the back passed the Georgia-Florida state line the dog gave birth to one of her beautiful pups…

pregnant dog

Art said:

“I was a little shocked, I was thrilled but scared at the same time …We had a knife in there to cut the umbilical cords.”

Not only did all the pups survive, but Art found great loving homes for every single puppy and their mom.

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