Guy rescues A Dog With A ‘Take ME’ Sign Pinned To A Tree

There are times that it’s possible to have a pet and be unable to care for them, this seems to be one of those times, perhaps the owner was too embarrassed to take her to the shelter, so instead, left a note…

The really lovely and adorable dog was rescued, from being tied to a tree by a very good Samaritan in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park

The note said “Take ME” and thankfully this great person who found her did exactly that and rescued her…

In fact, an aspiring screenwriter called Eric Maus, 28-years-old spotted the dog, called Mamas, who happened to be a 7-year-old pitbull, chained to a tree!

The sign that was next to her said:“Take me. I’m a great dog. Don’t let my size scare you. I’m sweet.”

The rescuer, a guy called Maus was walking dogs at the time and described the situation by saying his heart sank when he saw here there on the tree with the note.

Maus said to her, that he spoke to the dog and said:

“‘Where’s your owner?”

He also said that:

“…she looked at me [the dog] with a blank look”

“A dog shouldn’t be alone in the park like that, especially tied up with a metal chain. I felt I needed to do something.”

Maus unchained her from the tree and noticed that the poor girl had blood in her urine, and was quite dehydrated too.

He took her, along with some other neighbors that went with him to the Casey Animal Rescue center in Windsor Terrace, now they are looking after her.

The rescue center is nursing her back to health and then she will, once she is fully back to health and all checked over, be put for adoption…

Maus said:

“I hope she gets adopted and taken care of. She’ll be a great dog, I can tell …She’s very friendly and she listens.”

“She’s so sweet with white and black spots. Because she’s chubby, she kind of looks like a little cow.”

Thank you, Maus, for finding her and helping her, we hope that together we can all make the world a better place for our beloved dogs and that those who are cruel or abusive may be found by the long arm of the law and brought to justice… Don’t you think?

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