Guy Refuses To Say Sorry To His Dog So He Stabs Him Fatally!

We all love our pets, some more than others, but perhaps some are also crazier than others, but still, they love their dog too, but how they react is just too much…

The guy was stabbed fatally after he allegedly declined to say sorry to a dog that he brushed past in his van!

His name is Vijender Rana, 40-years-old, and was apparently stabbed around six times using a kitchen knife.

It happened in front of his whole family who must have been scared witless after he was dragged from his home on the Friday evening in Delhi’s Uttam Nagar locality.

The family says that he is a father of two children and was brought back to the place where it happened by three men, they allegedly held him by the hair and tried to make him apologize to the black Labrador, wah was named Tommy.

Vijender Rana, 40, stabbed six times & his brother Rajesh Rana, 40, stabbed three times as he tried to protect him

Vijender though had other ideas and told them to be more careful with their dog, he then tried to escape, but he was again forced back into the same spot, that’s when they unleashed the knife on him.

His brother, who was 45-year-old, called Rajesh Rana ran as fast as he could to help on hearing his screams but was also stabbed three times in the attack.

The three suspects, Ankit, his brother Paras, and his tenant, Dev Chopra, are all running from the law, they are literally being hunted by the authorities.

Seema Rana, Vijender’s wife said:

“My husband was trying to save his brother, who was hit with bricks. Two people held him down and one of them stabbed him multiple times. My son and I kept pleading with them”

A police spokesperson said:

“Both brothers were taken to Mata Roop Rani Maggo Hospital, where Vijender was declared brought dead. ‘Rajesh was later referred to DDU hospital.”

“The three suspects in the case, Ankit, his brother Paras, and his tenant, Dev Chopra, are on the run. ‘A case of murder has been registered at Uttam Nagar police station”

Out love goes to the family, may they find justice, but beware, people are really crazy about their pets, quite literally!

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