He Took His Life – Because He Couldn’t Stand The Pain After He Lost His Dog!

Dogs are really so close to us, they are our best friends, part of our families and can really get us through tough times, they are just really so special to us dog lovers…

This is a really sad case where Robert Zapar’s felt so down and deeply depressed about his beloved dog that he took his own life, his family will remember him always.

The family hopes that his death will be a warning about the dangers of mental health for many others too!

Robert was 35 when it happened, in the car parking lot of the very same vet’s that only four months before his much-loved and adored dog had sadly died.

It was reported by the authorities and announced by Detective Lt. Ross Hoffman that Robert had taken his own life in the parking lot of the animal clinic by shooting himself.

beloved dog

The Detective said that he had written a note to explain to the vet’s that his dog had died there and how much grief and how down he felt about losing his beloved animal.

Amanda, Roberts sister said to the news that his dog was like a son to him, they had a strong and close bond, they had been through so much together!

She told about how her brother had been involved in a terrible accident back in 2009, how he had to learn to walk all over again.

His beloved dog Peyton was there for him every step of the way, he was the one constant in his life, always there, always supportive, so strong a bond they had.

For Robert, sadly, it was too late, he felt like had to leave this world, even worse his family are left in the wake of what he did, they are completely devastated by it!

Maybe in circumstances like there adopting another puppy may have made the difference to save his life, but let us all learn from it.

It’s such a sad loss to the while family, his dog was all that kept him fighting to stay in this world, without him he just spiraled into oblivion, he must have felt so deeply lost and upset without him.

The family want to make as many people as aware as possible about the dangers of these kinds of situations, please SHARE and help raise awareness!

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