Guy About To Give-Up His Dog, Then He Reads A Letter From Previous Owner And Starts Crying!

Most of us when we move to a new place we seek out friends, usually a little companionship, and that boils down to a friend or a pet, although the latter can be both. This one guy in this story was one of those cases where something happened that really did change his life…

He adopted a doggie from the animal shelter, at the time he had just moved to the area and was alone in the city, he wanted to find a friend.

The guy really loved dogs and what could be a better choice than getting a friend and a companion and rescuing a dog at the same time.

There was a 6-year-old Labrador, it was the perfect fit and the guy adopted him, at least that is what he thought at first, it started to be evident that was not the case.

The guy was ready to take the dog Reggie back, but then as he was looking through the dog’s papers he found a note from the dog’s last owner, he forgot he hadn’t opened it, so he did now!

It happened that Reggie’s previous owner was a soldier called Paul Mallory, while Reggie was with him he was called Tank, and he hoped that his dog would find a loving home!

Mallory was killed in action saving his three friends, this letter changed everything for him!

He saw Tank and his own life from a new perspective, he had a renewed gratitude and a respect for those who served in the army and their loved ones too!

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Here is the full letter:

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