Guy Filmed ‘Poking’ A Dog On Instagram, Said It Was Just For Fun!

When things go viral it can be for many reasons, on Instagram, but this 22-year-old guy really did have a bit of a shock when this particular video he made went viral!

He is ‘poking’ the dog in the video and the poor dog was heard crying loudly, he seemed to be using some sort of large stick like a broomstick.

The guy said, while ‘poking’ the dog:“Hello, pig!” …he was laughing all the while, we really think this goes beyond immaturity, we are all responsible for our own actions after all!

He also added that the dog was chewing on his slippers, we frankly do not find the whole incident the least bit funny, more disturbing and saddening to watch or even think about.

The guy was asking for advice on how to “samak (cleanse)” the slippers that the dog had been chewing on…

The video did not really show how badly the dog was hurt by the guy’s actions but it appears to have died afterward poor dog…

The guy then filmed himself cleaning the slippers, and then it cut back to the dog who was sadly passed away by the side of the road.

The video very quickly attracted opinions from people who saw two different sides to the story…

The video doesn’t show exactly how the dog passed away or exactly what caused it, will we ever know the truth?

Many people were not happy with the guy though and what they could see that he was doing…

Many also contacted the Malaysia’s youth chief Syed Saddiq, asking him to take further action regarding the incident.

Syed Saddiq wrote on his Instagram that he has been in touch with the guy involved in the incident, and asked him to go ahead and submit his own police report, then contact the Malaysia Animal Association.

He also said no one should ever mistreat animals, that everyone should treat them with love and care, we completely agree with this statement!

Following everything that happened, the man issued an “apology” on his Instagram account for the “misunderstanding”…

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Maafkan saya rakyat Malaysia sebab buat korang salah anggap. #malaysiaboleh

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The guy has taken down the video from his Instagram, but it has been re-uploaded onto Facebook… Viewer discretion is advised if you watch the video below:

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