Guy Captured On Cell Phone Abusing His Dog For ‘Being Naughty’

Mistreatment of dogs seems to either be on the increase or we are more aware of it, especially with social media, but one thing for sure is that this is one case where technology really does help us stop the cruel things some do to innocent dogs like this one here.

Someone captures on their cell phone the proof of what was happening to this doggie called Missy, she was being abused.

The captures from the cell phone have really gathered a lot of attention, of course, there are many animal advocates along those too!

The captures have since gone viral, it shows what was being done to Missy, repeatedly being beaten and called a “dumb bitch” by her vile owner.

The guy in the captures continually hits the poor doggie and then throws her towards the ground too, Missy was really hurting and cried out in pain as she went to the ground!

We are very glad that the original video found it’s way to the police and news of what happened spread all over the internet, it allowed authorities to investigate quickly and get a warrant to take Missy to a safe place.

Missy is now in a safe place and cared for by someone capable of looking after her and making sure she is happy and really cared for.

Thankfully she sustained no serious injuries from the incident, but even more unbelievably the guy refused to surrender Missy until the police got involved and forced the issue!

The guy said that he was:

“…punishing Missy for trying to run away.”

Can you blame her for wanting to escape with an owner that horrible and cruel and unloving? The guy hasn’t yet been arrested but apparently, he will face the courts at a later date, hopefully, to be prosecuted for animal cruelty…

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