Guy That Buried A Dog Alive Is Released, Puppy Is Euthanized!


We are really surprised by how hard some people can really be, and there are none that surprise us more than this guy who was said to have buried the dog alive, that is until we heard about his punishment!!

He was released on bail and walked out of the court on what was said to be a $1,000 dollar bail, seriously? Can you believe it?

The guy we have seen already here at doggiescare, he is 24-years-old and, called Richard P. Piquard.

The judge ordered him to not have any pets and go under an examination to assess his mental health.

The judge also ordered that the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is to have access to his home to make sure he has no pets.

The guy was, in fact, charged with one count of animal cruelty, but as we have seen his odd reason for burying the dog was because it wasn’t getting on with his new kitten.

He also claimed that the dog was not alive when he buried it, but it was felt that this was quite improbable for this to be how it appeared.

The guy asked for, and of course, was granted a court-appointed attorney and ignored requests to comment outside the courtrooms.

He was sat in his sports utility vehicle when Laurie Palinkas, the grandmother of Mr. Piquard’s children, understandably yelled out towards, she was very angry!

Ms. Belanger and her fiance discovered the dog, buried, about 3 feet deep behind Mr. Piquard’s home and in the woods.

Ms. Palinkas said that her son was the actually the original owner of the dog, she was with Kaylee Belanger, a mutual friend of Mr. Piquard and his former girlfriend too.

She said:

“My fiance noticed there was a spot of loose dirt, so we started looking and found a rock …It wasn’t mentioned in the courtroom, but there was a weighted rock holding him in that hole.”

Ms. Belanger claims that there really is no way at all that he could have thought the dog had passed away before he buried it, maybe the breathing at least would have to give it away!!

Ms. Belanger said to the news and media:

“When I initially lifted that rock off that dog, he screamed louder than I’ve heard any dog scream in his life”

The police reported that the dog had been in the guy’s care for around the 18-month mark…

Felicia Dion had said that because of restrictions on her lease that she was unable to have the dog with her, so sad!

Police reported that the guy had messaged Ms. Belanger on Facebook to say that he had a new kitten, and the dog, Chico, wasn’t getting along with it.

As it happens we know all about introducing cats and dogs, and it’s fair to say the process is long and requires a lot of patience to do properly in most cases!

It was only the very next day that she was informed that the dog had apparently passed away, she knew it was fishy!

The dog was in an awful condition and just couldn’t survive, in the end, the kindest thing to do was to euthanize the poor dog, he just was in a real mess.

There was compelling evidence that also showed that the dog was not cared for properly, he had fleas and his fur was in a bad state too.

Ms. Belanger described how she felt as she found the dog buried alive:

“Shock …Just questioning and just wondering how somebody could be so sick, and wondering, if somebody is capable of doing that, what else are they going to do? He has two young children. Are they safe?”

She went on to say:

“My intention was to go find the dog and unbury him so we could get him cremated, get his ashes, see how he died …I was not expecting him to be breathing when me and my fiance found him.”

She also said:

“He should have been taken in cuffs and placed into custody”

Mr. Piquard must come back to the court Oct. 26. Apparently, a conviction for animal cruelty carries a sentence of up to 7 years in prison, or in a house of correction for up to 2½ years.

He could be fined up to $5,000 too, or both a fine and imprisonment, but what will happen, will he really get the justice he deserves??


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