Guy Beats Parent Beagle, Then Throws Him In The Pool

Having respect for animals, dogs, other people, and parents even, all seem to all go pretty much hand in hand, but for some people that all flies out of the window, they don’t respect anyone or anything! Andrew Drew seems to show how much he respects his parents and their dog, or maybe I should say how little he does…

This guy has now appeared in court to answer to his charges after he admitted that he beat his parent’s beagle before he threw it into the pool, the poor dog must have been in such terrible pain after such a vicious beating that got that day.

He was earlier arrested in his home in Phoenix just Wednesday morning and the actual incident, according to the court, happened around two weeks ago, we think sometimes there are not punishments severe enough to deal with cases like these!

Winston the beagle was discovered by his loving owners about two hours after the incident, the owners had to rush Winston to the emergency veterinary hospital, sadly it was too late, he died there.

Winstons body was examined closely and it showed that he had suffered severe trauma, what had happened was called a “hemoabdomen”…

Essentially there was a buildup of blood the peritoneal cavity, also he had liver fractures with multiple subcutaneous hemorrhages, he must have been in such incredible and unimaginable pain the poor dog.

Andrew Drew

A statement released said:

“The suspect admitted to smacking the dog once or twice and throwing the dog into the swimming pool.”

The guy, 19-years-old was released on his own recognizance, but on the condition, he must promise not to come into contact with any animals, are you too thinking that this is simply unbelievable?

Under the laws of his State, he could face a minimum sentence of six months in prison as a first-time offender, with a maximum of 18 months!

Andrew Drew in the courthouse…

He is due to be back in the courthouse on April 11 and then a preliminary hearing on the April 17!

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