Guy Admits To Kicking and Punching Dog Avoids Conviction!

One thing us dog lovers especially hate, is dog abusers, most folk that don’t even have a dog feel just the same too, but this guy was a real piece of work, as you will read…

The guy, a gold cost man, has been fined after abusing his dog, he openly admits that he punched and kicked his dog, his actions really got a firey public response with people feelings running hot!

The Guy, Brett Simpson was filmed kicking his beautify grey Staffordshire bull terrier, unsurprisingly the video went viral.

The video was watched in the courthouse and Brett pleaded guilty to the violent behavior that he exhibited that day towards his dog, called Rocky, the poor boy!

He completely avoided conviction but instead was given a $1000 fine…

Brett had unsurprisingly received a lot of messages from people that were quite angry with him, he had to change his car for feat or reprisal and had even received threats to his life.

The Guy, Brett, was 32-years-old and also had to pay a further $1200 connected with additional costs and he was banned from owning an animal for three years in total.

He also attended anger management, voluntarily, and donated $500 to the animals shelter and rescue group the RSPCA.

His Legal representation said:

“My client has pleaded guilty today to a serious offense, he’s extremely sorry for finding himself in this position”

“He’s been charged, the courts have dealt with him and he now wants to move on with his life.”

The RSPCA has since taken Rocky and found him another home, where he will be cared for and loved for all his days!

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