Guy Accused Of Neglecting His Little Pup Surrendered, What Is The World Coming To!

The Guy who was accused of neglecting his little dog turns up to give himself into authorities, the police have many questions for him…

The Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RISPCA) sad that the guy was Adam Solomon, 44-years-old, from the West Warwick area.

The crime he is accused of is a misdemeanor crime of ‘unnecessary cruelty to an animal’, what that is precisely no matter which way you consider it is cruelty!

The dog, called Molly, was taken to the animal shelter by a guy who said that she was found wandering about on the Main Street.

The RISPCA though says that they have since found out that the guy that asked him to take the dog to the animal shelter was, in fact, Adam Solomon himself.

He had asked the guy to take the dog to the rescue shelter and pretend that the dog was a stray and that he found it roaming around.

RISPCA President E.J. Finocchio said:

“Molly was wearing a collar with a nametag, and she was also micro-chipped.”

The President also said that the dog was in a terribly poor state of health, and was suffering from a broken jaw too, had severe dental problems, tumors, and other problems with her skin too.

Molly is thankfully recovering and getting better at a foster home, the poor dog, while Adam has been released for the moment pending further action.

There is also news that there has been an arrest warrant issued for a guy accused of abandoning a dog found with a huge tumor…

The RISPCA is looking into a total of four cases of cruelty and the guy with the warrant issued will most likely have a charge of abandonment after he dumped the dog on the city’s East side…

Also, the RISPA is further investigating another case in Pawtucket, a dog groomer found a dog, called Baby, with badly infected and weeping wounds with maggots in and matted fur!

Poor ‘Baby’ had to be put to sleep and the woman, Irene Zajda, 66-years-old, was charged with unnecessary cruelty towards the animal.

Yet another case, where a dog owner was charged after her boxers were poisoned, a woman called Tiffany Scott, 30-years-old, was charged with two counts of felony unnecessary cruelty.

The RISPCA have said that it is believed that the dogs may have ingested antifreeze!

The investigators say they can’t tell if it happened on purpose or if it was an accident, but it sounds a little unlikely it was an accident to us!

Finally, one more case pending of animal neglect in Portsmouth, making a total of five arrests in one week!!

What is our world coming to, all these cases in one week in, and all the other cases too, the RISPCA seems to think its on the increase, how awful.

We hope the laws will change to make more severe penalties for these awful crimes and help put a stop to these awful cases, watch the full story below:

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