Found guilty of animal cruelty, you will not like the sentence!

In the court at Palm Beach County on Thursday, a case involving a dog called Bruno was at trial, ‘Paws2 Help’ vet technician, Karen Stienhel said; “I’ve been in this business almost 20 years and I’ve never seen anything like that before”…

The Jury arrived at the decision than Kathryn Portman, the accused was guilty of animal cruelty, abandoning and abusing Bruno, her dog.

An employee at the Singer Island Sands Hotel took Bruno to ‘Paws 2 Help’ back in January 2016. The employee, Joseph Doering, found poor Bruno alone in a hotel room.

Kathryn was reported to have stayed in the Sands Hotel for a period of around 9 months; intermittently, between 2015 – 2016.

Joseph told the court about her room at the hotel, he described her room as – “A room with a bunch of garbage, a mess, and a dog that was really badly malnourished”.

animal cruelty

Joseph entered Kathryn’s room after she checked out, he found Bruno there; he tried to care for him until the next day when he took Bruno to the clinic.

Karen, the vet technician, testified that:

“There was no fat on this dog whatsoever. There were body sores, and there were maggots coming out of the ears”

Sadly Bruno died that same day at Paws 2 Help! Palm Beach Animal Care and Control began their investigation immediately.

The vet, Dr. Kristen Coates, said in a report:

“The condition of this animal was so severe that even with intervention from a private veterinary hospital, it was too much for the pet to overcome and died”

Her defense team argued that Joseph was caring for the dog, not Kathryn Portman.

animal cruelty

Attorney, Alexandra Menegakis, said:

“He brings the dog to this non-profit, that’s not an investigative agency and picks someone to blame”

This was absolutely not the first time that Kathryn Portman had been accused cruelty to animals. She had abandoned two pets back in 2013, as reported by Palm Beach Animal Care and Control who received the pets and cared for them, both were adopted!

State Attorney, Dave Aronberg, said:

“She’s well known to Animal Care and Control”

Kathryn Portman was arrested in August 2016 for the death of Bruno, back then she failed to come to court for a hearing that was in June, she has been held in custody since that day!

Her sentencing is hearing is scheduled for 3rd November; she is likely to face just one year in prison, according to the state Attorney!

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