Grumpy old ‘grandpa’ cat doesn’t like people, but check this out

A ten-year-old feral “grandpa” cat brought in with more than two dozen other cats in British Columbia when rescuers decided to trap, neuter and spay the colony, turned out to be quite an experience for a grumpy old cat whose past life had been less than kind.

Dubbed Mason, the tiger kitty, with a growth on the bottom of his paw, a tail which had been broken several times, infections and a mouthful of rotten teeth, had carefully been treated – against his will, but volunteers had agreed to return him to the place he knew so well where the farm owners would make sure he was fed regularly.

That had been the plan for Mason, but the following day, when the cat’s routine blood work came back, showing he had advanced kidney disease, the only humane options were to either euthanize him or find him a foster home where he could receive hospice care for the rest of his life – no matter how long that might be.

And that’s when TinyKittens HQ, founder of the no-kill shelter, Shelly Roche decided Mason deserved a chance, and she brought him home.

Although he never particularly liked people, he slowly became accustomed to his new digs – made himself comfortable with pillows and rearranging the creature comforts to suit his own peculiar needs.

It had been a cordial detente for Mason, but he didn’t readily accept scratches or much affection from humans.

Then one day, Shelly brought home a litter of kittens to foster, and the playful tiny balls of fur scurried over to grumpy old Mason.

“They swarmed over to Mason’s lair, and started climbing all over him, just really invading his personal space,” Shelly posted on Facebook for Tinykittens.

And as Shelly held her breath, and the one kitten named Scrammy started to lick the elder cat’s ear, Mason just melted from that grumpy old man to a mushy senior cat daddy.

It doesn’t even look like that nasty old man who snarled and growled at everyone – then again who can growl and snarl at a litter of adorable and playful kittens?

Don’t believe me? Check out the video.

(Photos via Facebook and YouTube screenshots)

A must watch with Grandpa Mason and his kittens: