Pet Groomers Under Investigation – Caught on Video Shaking and choking Dog!

Undergoing investigation is a pet grooming business based in Sarasota, Fla., the sheriff’s department is investigating them after one of their employees published a video of animal abuse, allegedly!

The employee, who works at the business, called the ‘Happy Puppy Pet Spa’, posted a video on Facebook which shows a different employee placing her hands firmly around one of the pet’s neck, and then proceeding to shale the poor dog, then holding its head firmly against the table!

Briana Brady who posted the video was even surprised when the video got more than 345,000 views on Facebook and more than 1750 shares since Nov 10 when it was posted.

Brianna says in her her post that this is not the first time the animal abuse (alleged!) has been seen to happen by her, she says the personal she filmed is called Phyllis Lucca.

Brianna wrote:“This is what this horrible woman does every day to every dog. She even broke a dog’s jaw two weeks ago”

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“She picked the dog up by the neck and shook it and slammed it on the table.”

Lucca said she thought what she did was not animal abuse at all, but needed actions for the dog’s “overall health”….

Lucca said:

“If you see the video, I know it looks bad, but that’s not what I’m doing”

“What the dog did was pass out and she faints and what I did was hold her head and shake her. That’s all.”

There is even more to the story as well, the owner of a toy poodle called Pumpkin said that Lucca was responsible for injuring Pumpkin’s jaw, breaking it, then when he came back from the groomer’s he had blood all over his mouth with bruises down his stomach!

Brady and Pumkin’s owners say that together they are going to press charges against Lucca.

WATCH THE VIDEO (Warning – graphic content):

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