Government Gives The Go Ahead For Fatal Dog Experiments

We absolutely detest testing on animals, they don’t have a choice, but we bet if they did then they would say a resounding no, and we agree, but the government disagrees!

The government, US government, in their ultimate wisdom, and quite controversially have opted to press ahead with experiments on dogs!

Even despite the critics even in Congress attacking what they are doing, saying it’s cruel and completely unneeded!

According to USA Today, the department for veterans affairs (VA) has approved, continuing testing, saying that ultimately it will greatly help doctors find new ways to treat wounded soldiers

The research involves scientists removing part of the dog’s brains than control breathing, sever parts of the spinal cord to test reflexes for coughing, even to give them pacemakers to create an abnormal heart rhythm.

There are tempers festering about how vivisections were approved, as an anti-animal testing group last year first uncovered this, Congress then passed a law to prevent the VA department from conducting these without its secretary’s direct approval…

The department spokesperson said that the former VA secretary David Shulkin has actually signed off on continuing the experiments, and it was on the day he was fired by Donald Trump!

Mr. Shulkin had lost his job, but even with allegations that he misspent the taxpayer’s money going to Europe, well his wife took in 2017, denied ever having been asked to restart the dog tests.

It’s believed that there are nine experiments on dogs, at four different facilities that the VA is currently carrying out.

Democrat Dina Titus, against it all, said:

“It’s not economically sound, they could be looking at new technologies, and morally people just don’t support testing on puppies.”

We hope that you will help to spread the word, these actions really need to stop, harming innocent animals in this way is just not right, please share with everyone you know!

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