Golden Retrievers Perform Hilarious Little Magic Trick !!!

These brother and sister golden retrievers might be two of the funniest around.

In the hilarious video below, they show off an unexpected little “magic trick,” which will probably amuse you as much as the pooch who tried to catch a fake fish in an inflatable pool.

One of the golden retrievers is hidden so well underneath the other that it appears as if there’s only one dog being recorded at first. But, seconds later the dog pops up from underneath and stares at the camera as if the whole trick was intentional.

It may not be an actual magic trick like the one a tiny Yorkshire terrier can perform with a deck of cards, but it’s certainly just as entertaining. I mean who would’ve thought dogs can be this creative?!

The video received more than a million views (with good reason!) when it was originally posted on YouTubealong with a slew of comments from amused viewers.

“You can almost hear the second dog saying ‘Ta-Da!’ when he pokes his head out,” one viewer joked.

Just watch the video for yourself below and lets us know if your dogs perform any tricks like these, too.

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